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Swithland St Leonard's CofE Primary School

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Financial Information

It is now a requirement to publish the following information:


1. How many school employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more:   0

2. A link to the webpage that is dedicated to our school financial benchmarking - please follow the link below.

Pupil Premium Statement

Schools receive additional funding for those children who attract a 'pupil premium.' There are a number of children who fall into this category eg those entitled to free school meals (this is where parents are on some benefits), children in care, children who have been adopted from care etc. Ofsted require that information about how much money a school receives, how it is spent and what the impact was is put on the website. For our school the amount of funding is extremely small and as a result while we do comply with the Ofsted requirement, the information published on the website is deliberately vague in order that individuals are not able to be identified.