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Class Two

Welcome to Class 2!


Mrs Weston, Mrs Howell and Miss Passingham would like to warmly welcome you to Class 2. We hope you have had a nice summer with your families and are looking forward to getting back into school for lots of fun and exciting learning. We hope that you have all had chance to view the 'welcome to Class 2' video that we posted onto Teams before the summer and that you have all had a go at the summer homework we set at the beginning of the holidays. We look forward to sharing this together in class and seeing what you have done. 


This half term our topic is called.......

Enchanted Woodland


If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! This half term, we’ll visit a woodland, observe the wildlife, collect natural objects and take beautiful pictures of the things we see.  We’ll use information books to investigate woodland creatures and to learn about trees. Throughout the project, we will find out how to recognise different plants and animals and create detailed, observational drawings of them. The tale of Hansel and Gretel will inspire us to write our own stories with a woodland theme. We’ll build miniature dens, create woodland works of art and construct mini-woodlands from twigs, sticks, pine cones and leaves. 


If you get chance during the weekends why not take a woodland walk and see which plants and creatures you can find? Simple spotting books or apps will help you to identify unknown species. You could collect twigs, leaves, seed cases and flowers to add to our nature display.

During this topic we will be learning about......



Recounts, information books, non-chronological reports, lists, stories -traditional tales 
Mathematics Counting, ordering, comparing and different ways of representing numbers.  Addition / subtraction facts, doubles, number bonds.  2-D shapes: identifying, naming and sorting according to different properties.
Science Animals, identifying and classifying, variety, carnivores and herbivores, stages of growth and life cycles
Art & Design Working with natural materials, drawing, painting, our artist of the year - Claude Monet
D&T  Building structures, making party/picnic food
Computing Simple coding skills, word processing- typing and formatting, researching using the internet
History Changes over time, local monuments, Robin Hood
Geography Making maps, changes to the local environment -Swithland woods
PE Fine motor skills, balls skills, dance
RE What makes some places sacred?
Music Rhythm

Feeling positive, looking after the environment, Health and




As a school, we carry out lessons on internet safety. Because many children are currently spending more time online, we would like to signpost you to the following sites so you can talk together about staying safe online.


Top tips on how to stay safe online.


Here is a series of 3 videos aimed at children aged 4-7 discussing staying safe online.