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Class Four

Summer Term 1


This term will start with us concluding our topic of Stargazers, before moving on to Alchemy Island where we will think about different reactions to create substances and life on a mystical island. Our first book will be The Nowhere Emporium and we will use this to inspire writing about portals.


As we are nearing the end of the school year, later this term we will start to think about the class 4 end of term production.  All of our learning will involve lots of the routes to resilience that we have focussed on this year so far along with our new traits of Honesty, Understanding and Politeness.  Our Christian Value this half term is Trust  and we will be thinking about what trust means to us, what trusting friendships are and how we act in order to make others trust us.


Our new knowledge organisers will be added to the website after we have started the new topics.

Spring Term 2


We have a very exciting half term ahead of us. We are visiting Cullmington Manor in Shropshire, where we are going to undertake a large variety of activities which will not only allow us to work on all of our Routes to Resilience characteristics especially independence, but also to display our Cristian Values when we encourage and care for each other.  We will also be visiting Warning Zone to build on our class work about safety online, in the home and when out and about.

In English we are going to be using MacBeth to inspire our narrative writing and allow us to explore characters and their motivation.  Our class book this term is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. 

We are going to be exploring space in our topic Stargazers. We'll be looking at phases of the moon; researching planets within our solar system; understanding why seasons change throughout the year and using our DT skills to create a moon buggy. To compliment this learning in science we will be learning about forces.

Our Routes to Resilience words for this half term Aspirational, Self-Control and Independence are which add to the values of Determined, Kind, Creative, Happy, Tolerant, Positive, Confidence, Resilience and Curiosity that we focused on so far this school year.

The Christian Value for this half term is Forgiveness, we will re-visit the story of The Prodigal Son and think about how we can use the value of forgiveness within our own lives.


Spring Term 1


Welcome back to our very exciting Spring term. 


This term we are going to be basing our studies around Blood Heart.  In science we will be looking at how the heart and circulatory system work. We will investigate the positive effects that exercise has on our minds and bodies, alongside the negative impact that some other choices can have.  Our writing will focus on explanation texts initially before moving on to balanced arguments, in our fiction work we will be investigating different types of narrative.

Our class novel will be Pig Heart Boy which we are going to use to inspire our writing and to create debate within the classroom.

Our Routes to Resilience words for this half term are Determined, Kind and Creative which add to the values of Happy, Tolerant, Positive, Confidence, Resilience and Curiosity that we focused on so far this school year.

The Christian Value for this half term is Loyalty, we will think about what it means to be loyal and how we can use this value to enhance our friendships and relationships with others.

We will also be thinking ahead to next half term which is also going to include some exciting visits – we have our class residential to Shropshire where we will build in confidence, try new activities and support our classmates to challenge themselves.  We are also visiting The Warning Zone to increase our knowledge about safety, both online and when we are out and about.

Autumn 2 

Welcome back after what we hope was a restful half term.

Having kept our studies local last half term with our Allotment topic this term we are going much further afield to Mexico.  Our topic Hola Mexico! will lead us to study the culture and traditions of Mexico including, dance, food, festivals and The Maya.  We will be launching our topic with an afternoon of Salsa dancing!


In English we will be looking at poetry, myths and legends and report writing.  We will be moving our reading studies from The Boy at the Back of the Class to Holes, and continuing to read for pleasure.


Having focused on place value and the four operations in Autumn 1 we will be using those skills to help us to calculate and problem solve with fractions and decimals.


Science will allow us to study light and investigate not only how it travels but the effects of moving light sources and shadows. 


We will be utilising our fabulous school grounds to undertake Forest Schools on a Friday. All children will need to bring appropriate clothing in, including wet weather gear as we will be out in all weathers.


Our Routes to Resilience words for this half term are Happy, Tolerant and Positive which add to the values of Confidence, Resilience and Curiosity that we focused on last half term.


We will be focusing on our Christian Value of Consideration.


This half term also allows us to further focus on all of our values as we think about Anti-Bullying Week and how we use the skill of kindness in everything we do at school.




Internet Safety


As a school, we carry out lessons on internet safety. Because many children are currently spending more time online, we would like to signpost you to the following sites so you can talk together about staying safe online.


Top tips on how to stay safe online.


Here is a series of 3 videos aimed at children aged 8-10 looking at staying safe online.

Thinkuknow 8-10s

Had fun playing Band Runner? Now watch Sam, Ellie and Alfie continue their adventures in the Play Like Share films. The films will help you learn more about staying safe online.