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Class Two

Miss Smith welcomes you to class 2

Class 2 will be supported by Mrs Weston, Mrs Heward and Mrs Passingham.



We will have PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Homework will be sent out on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday.

The spelling test will be on a Thursday. Please ensure the yellow spelling books are with the children on this day.


Our topic for Spring 2 is called Memory Box.



We will be kick starting our topic by creating our own memory boxes which we will share with the class.


English – diary writing, recounts, descriptions and information books.


Maths – fractions, 2D shape, addition and subtraction, number sequences and problem solving.


History – changes within living memory.


D & T – creating a memory box.


Art – drawing and painting, family portraits and family trees.


P.E – dance sequences and team games.


Science- animals including humans, parts and senses and working scientifically.


PSHE – the importance of rules and manners.



Our topic for Spring 1 is Paws, claws and whiskers.


English: traditional tales, non- chronological report, posters/ persuasive writing.


Maths: place value, telling the time, missing number problems, 3D shapes and multiplication.


Art & Design: talking about art, drawing, collage, sculpture.


Computing: Web searches, common uses of ICT, coding and debugging and digital presentations. 


Geography: describing physical features.


PE: animal movement and dance.


Science: Investigating materials, animals (including humans).


For one of our recent science investigations the class were put into groups and were given

  • 2 pieces of paper
  • 3 strips of cello tape
  • Glue stick
  • A strip of tin foil
  • A strip of cling film
  • Felt tip pens


We then tested each boat to see if it could float and how many marbles it could hold.

The winning team was Anna, Felix and Isaac with their boat holding 39 marbles!!




Our topic for Autumn 2 is Moon zoom.





The children in class 2 had lots of fun designing and making their rockets.






English: Writing a recount, stories, spelling, grammar and punctuation and reading comprehension skills.


Maths: Place value, money, position and direction, measurement, multiplication and problem solving.


History: Looking at historical figures e.g Neil Armstrong.


Art & Design: space art, textures and colours.


Computing: Web searches, common uses of ICT and digital presentations.


D&T: Selecting tools and materials.


Geography: Our planet and the solar system.


PE: Gymnastics and team games.


Science: Investigating materials.





PSHE: Healthy relationships, healthy me, healthy you.  


Autumn 1 - 2017


We will have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. Homework will be set on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday. 


Our first half term topic is 'Beach Combers'




Our author of the year is Lauren Child who is an English writer and illustrator. She is best known for the Charlie and Lola picture books and the Clarice Bean series of picture books and novels. We will be reading some of her stories in class but they are also great for home reading.


Our artist of the year is Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books. We will be recreating our own artwork in the style of Arcimboldo and we cannot wait to see the masterpieces the children create! 




English: Writing a recount, story writing and seaside poems/tongue twisters.


Maths: Place value, number bonds, addition, subtraction and shape.


History: Changes to the seaside resorts.


Art & Design: Seaside drawings, paintings and collages.


Computing: Web searches, common uses of ICT and digital presentations.


D&T: Selecting tools and materials.


Geography: Looking at where popular seaside resorts are located in the UK, coastal features.


PE: Team games


Science: Habitats, living and non-living things, food chains, basic needs of plants and animals and working scientifically.


PSHE: Healthy relationships, healthy me, healthy you, we will be launching this with the film Inside Out on the first days back.