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Class One


Mrs Weston, Mrs Howell and Mrs Heward welcome you back to our final term in Class 1.  We hope you have all had a relaxing holiday and are eager to return to school as we look forward to yet another fun packed half term of learning.   


This half term our topic is all about the wonderful and exciting things that live and grow in our garden.  Our topic is entitled

In The Garden! 

Our author of the year is Julia Donaldson. Our artist of the year is Henri Matisse.

The children will have chance to think about some of the things they would like to do and to learn about in this topic and we aim to plan those ideas into our learning.


We will be launching our new topic during the first week back with children bringing in their wellies to go on a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds and to help build a new mini-beast hotel.



Look at the finished product! We had great fun building it. 


During week 2 we had a special visit from Zoo Lab. We got to meet and learn about lots of different mini-beasts and a snake!

Take a look......

These are the things we will be covering through the following areas of development .....


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will continue working on building relationships, turn taking and sharing. We will be thinking about why it is important to be healthy, and what that actually means.  We shall be thinking about healthy bodies and healthy minds.  We will also be looking at differences and similarities between insects, animals, plants and ourselves and recognising that we are all unique.  

Communication, Language & Literacy We will share different stories, poems and non fiction books about plants, flowers and insects, discussing new words and their meanings. We will continue our work on story maps and create our own new ones for insect themed stories.  We will look at non-fiction books and their features, concentrating on diagrams and labelling.  We will continue to revise sounds already learned in our phonics sessions, and will also be looking at alternative ways of writing sounds.    
Mathematical Development We will be exploring symmetry as we link in with work on butterflies.  We will continue and extend work on doubling and halving.   Classroom activities will continue to provide opportunities to develop counting, number recognition and ordering numbers.  We will also be learning about addition, subtraction, counting in twos and tens and continuing our learning on more and less than a given number.  
Physical Development We will continue to develop our cursive handwriting as we recap letters during our phonics sessions. We will be continuing to provide opportunities to practise and develop cutting skills, balancing skills and coordination skills.  We will be continuing our work in PE focusing on gymnastics and dance skills. 
Understanding of the world We will be asking questions and finding out the answers to our own questions using books and the internet. We will learn about different insects and plants and their characteristics.  We will also be observing the life cycles of a caterpillar.  We will label parts of insects and sort them according to different features.  We will also be exploring habitats and finding the best places for plants to grow.   We will end this topic with all children preparing and making something delicious and healthy to eat.   
Expressive Arts and Design We will continue our learning about Henri Matisse, learning about his style and using this style to create our own works of art, based on insects.  We will be using different materials and media to create pictures and representations of insects, flowers and plants.  We shall be making symmetrical prints and observational drawings.  We will also be exploring what happens in a garden centre as we create our own in the classroom.  We will be exploring sounds and music patterns using different percussion instruments, thinking closely about tempo and pitch.  


Throughout the term we will also be focusing on individual targets in both Literacy and Maths.

Mrs Weston will work on  Mondays and Tuesdays .
Mrs Howell will work on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 
Mrs Heward will be on hand to support our learning throughout the week.

A typical day in Class 1:

8.50am  Doors open
9.00am  Registration 
9.05-9.25am  Phonics
9.25-10.20am Maths
10.20-10.35am Playtime and Snack
10.35-10.45am Milk / Water / social learning
10.45 - 11.00 am Speaking and Listening - Show & Tell/ WOW vouchers

11.00 - 12.00pm Literacy
12.00 - 1.00pm Lunchtime
1.05-1.20 Assembly
Afternoon activities include PE, Music, Science, Art, History and Geography (Expressive Arts and Design, and Understanding the World)

Learning Journeys

In school we document learning that we observe using written observations and photographs.  All Learning Journeys are shared with children and they can access them independently to revisit and share with friends. There will also be opportunities for parents to look through learning journeys too.

WOW vouchers


Once again, we can not thank you enough for all the WOW vouchers that continue to be sent in.  We have loved reading them and sharing them with the whole class.  They are a great way to share your child's learning and development out of school with us. WOW vouchers can be collected from the classroom and taken home to be filled in and returned so that we can share their WOW moments with the rest of the class.  All Wow vouchers are filed within the children's learning journeys.    

PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays so please make sure all PE kits are in school on these days.  Please remember to come to school wearing PE kits on Wednesdays.

Phonics and Maths Homework will  be given out on Thursdays and due in on a Monday.

Please try to read regularly with your child at home and sign reading record books.  Reading books and library books will be changed once a week.

Please do feel free to come in and see us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have any resources which you think might support our topic.

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