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Happy New Year Class 1
After a very long first term at school, Mrs Weston, Mrs Howell and Mrs Heward are looking forward to another fun packed term of learning. For the next eight weeks we are fortunate to have a student teacher working within Class 1.  Miss Lowe has already visited the class and has begun working with the children.  We are very much looking forward to her becoming a part of Class 1. 


This half term our topic is entitled

Once Upon a Time....



We will be learning about castles, knights, princesses and other popular fairy tale characters.  We hope to have a visit planned to a castle to see first hand some of its features.   We will be discussing what we already know about this topic and thinking of questions we'd like to find out the answers to in order to develop our learning further. 


Our author of the year continues to be Julia Donaldson. Our artist of the year continues to be Henri Matisse.

We will continue to do work inspired by these throughout the year.

These are the things we will be covering through the following areas of development .....


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be looking at ways of solving conflict and discussing the values of respect and loyalty and what they mean to us in our own lives.   


Communication, Language & Literacy

Our focus for this half term will be on fairy tales and will include the story of "The Princess and the Pea". 

We will learn how to read, follow and create our own story maps and will develop our use of story language.  We will be reading different stories about castles and fairy tale characters and discussing new words.  We will continue our work in phonics and will continue to work on Phase 3.  We will be learning new high frequency words, reading and how to write them and using them within our independent reading and writing.   We will also be looking at non-fiction books and information books about castles and learning key features of this type of text.  


Mathematical Development We will be continuing our learning of numbers - recognising, counting, ordering and writing.  We will be learning about ordinal numbers and how to sequence numbers.  We will begin to look at doubles of numbers.  We will also be introducing the concept of halving objects and numbers and sharing out equally.  Classroom activities will continue to provide opportunities to develop and reinforce a whole variety of experiences to count, order and write numbers.   
Physical Development We will be continue to practise changing into our PE kits and organising our own kits. During PE lessons, we will be exploring different ways of moving to music and telling a story though our movements, leading up to us learning a dance ready for a royal banquet! We will also be developing our hand-eye coordination using a range of different equipment.  As we learn different letters during our phonics sessions we will be learning how to form these correctly using our school's chosen cursive style.   We will be providing lots of opportunities to practise and develop sewing, cutting skills and coordination skills.   
Understanding of the world

As we begin a new half term, we will be learning about loyalty as one of our Christian values.  We will learn how this can relate to us and our own lives.  We will be investigating and exploring different materials and looking at why certain materials are used for certain things.  We will be learning about castles and will learn and label the key features.  We will continue to use the I Pads and our class computer to enhance our learning, using them to find extra information and images.  We will be learning how to type our names and learning how to make a capital letter for our name.   


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be using different materials and media to create pictures and representations of fairy tale characters and castles.  We will take part in drama sessions, acting out life in castle times.  We will use different materials to build castles, make cloaks, crowns and flags. We will be exploring sounds and music patterns using different percussion instruments, trying to recreate the music played at a royal banquet.




Throughout the term we will also be focusing on individual targets in both Literacy and Maths.


We look forward to sharing some of the work we have done with you in our Class Collective Worship at the end of the term. 

Mrs Weston will work on  Mondays and Tuesdays .
Mrs Howell will work on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 
Mrs Heward will be on hand to support our learning throughout the week.

A typical day in Class 1:

8.50am  Doors open
9.00am  Registration 
9.05-9.25am  Phonics
9.25-10.20am Maths or Literacy
10.20-10.35am Playtime and Snack
10.35-10.45am Milk / Water / social learning
10.45 - 11.00am Show and Tell

11.00-12.00am Literacy or Maths

12.00 - 1.00pm Lunchtime
1.05-1.20 Assembly
1.20-2.40 Afternoon activities ( PE, Music, Science, Expressive Arts and Design, and Understanding the World)

2.45 Shared Reading

3.15 Home time


Learning Journeys

In school we document learning that we observe using written observations and photographs.  All Learning Journeys are shared with children and they can access them independently to revisit and share with friends. There will also be opportunities for parents to look through learning journeys too.

WOW vouchers

Thank you for all of the WOW vouchers we have received so far. The children have loved sharing their achievements with the rest of their class.  Please continue to help us to celebrate your child's development by sharing with us their 'WOW' moments that they have out of school. Have they done something new? Have they impressed you with something? Have they been trying really hard with something? Have they received a certificate or merit in one of their hobbies? Please fill in a WOW voucher so that we can read these out in class and share their learning and development.   WOW vouchers can be collected from the classroom and taken home to be filled in and returned so that we can share their WOW moments with the rest of the class.  All Wow vouchers are filed within the children's learning journeys.    


PE will be on Mondays or Tuesdays (With Mrs Weston) and Wednesdays (With Mr Waldon) so please make sure all PE kits are in school on these days. 
Phonics Homework  will begin during the second week back at school and will be given out on a Thursday and due in on a Monday.  Please place completed homework books into the homework box as you arrive at school.

Maths homework will continue during the second week back at school.  Please ensure this is handed in on a Monday too. 

Please try to read regularly with your child at home and sign reading record books.  Reading books and library books will be changed once a week.

Please do feel free to come in and see us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have any resources which you think might support our topic.

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