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Monday 1st June 2020



WALT: To watch and describe the main features of the characters, plot and setting.

We are going to be basing our next unit of work in English on story writing and  we are going to use the film Rio to help us. We are going to be working using a different part of the film each day.   Today we are going to watch the introduction to the film, where Rio is introduced. Watch the film until the end of the intro sequence where the birds are flying.


To help you think about your story, today we are thinking about the setting.  In this film the setting begins in the rain forest.  (2mins 8 secs)



Yr 1 - children to draw and label their version of the colourful scene in the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil.

As an extra challenge try to write a few sentences describing it, instead of adding labels.


Yr 2 – describe to somebody the beautiful scene at the beginning of the film as the birds dance ‘Real in Rio.’ Now think about your story.  Where will it be set? In a rain forest? In a city? Near the beach? Can you write a description of your setting.